My Attendance

The University is gradually introducing 'My Attendance' - a new system to record and monitor student attendance at timetabled learning activities.

When do I have to use this system?

This new attendance system is rolling out gradually across the University - your programme team will get in touch when you need to start using it. 

Using My Attendance, you 'check in' to register your own attendance at timetabled activities and you can see your attendance record. Staff can see and edit your attendance record if needed.

Recording attendance will help us see where students might be struggling and offer support. It will also help us make sure everyone is meeting their attendance requirements - for example if your attendance is required for a professional accreditation or your student visa.

This new system is more efficient than other attendance monitoring such as paper registers, saving resource so we can better support you in other areas. 

How to use the system

The system is rolling out gradually across the University - your local team will notify you when you should start using it to register your attendance. Visit the links below to find out more about the system and how to use it once it is in place on your programme.

Once you've watched the training video above, if you need a reminder then this written user guide repeats the basics of how to use the system.