Collecting your student card

You’ll be eligible to receive a student card once you’ve completed your registration and arrived in Manchester.

This card is not only proof that you’re a registered student of The University of Manchester but you'll need it to access to buildings across the campus, including the University libraries. It can also be used for student discounts in a range of shops and restaurants. 

If you're unable to travel to Manchester due to the current pandemic and are starting your academic year from home you'll be issued a Confirmation of Attendance letter in PDF format which you can use as proof of your student status. You’ll be able to collect your student card once you’re able to travel to Manchester.

Before you arrive

Before you arrive, you must provide us with a suitable photograph for your student card, otherwise it won't be ready when you get here. Upload your photography at My Manchester making sure that you follow the instructions provided including the guidance on size and style.

Collecting your student card

Please note, you must have completed all ten steps of registration and have uploaded a photograph onto My Manchester before your student card can be issued.

Once you've completed registration you'll receive a link to book an appointment to collect your student card. Please don't go to pick up your student card unless you've booked a collection slot.

  • You must book a collection slot, so make sure that you collect your student card at the specific date and time you have selected.
  • Students who are required to quarantine for a period on arrival in Manchester must not select a collection date or time that is within the period of their quarantine.
  • If you are in University Halls of Residence and have fully registered and uploaded a photo by Saturday 11, September you will receive your student card at key collection when you move into your halls. 


For any student card collection queries please contact the Student Services and Registration Helpline +44 (0)161 275 5000 between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.