Welcome information and timetables

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you to study at The University of Manchester.

This section contains information for new students studying the below courses:

  • Philosophy and Politics (VL52);
  • Sociology and Criminology (LM39);
  • Philosophy and Criminology (VL53);
  • Politics and Social Anthropology (LL26);
  • Social Anthropology and Philosophy (LV65);
  • Sociology and Philosophy (LV35);
  • Politics and Criminology (LM29);
  • Politics and Sociology (LL23);
  • Social Anthropology and Criminology (LM69);
  • Social Anthropology and Sociology (LL63);
  • Sociology and Quantitative Methods (52L8);
  • Politics and Quantitative Methods (P467);
  • Social Anthropology and Quantitative Methods (S456);
  • Philosophy and Quantitative Methods (P567);
  • Criminology and Quantitative Methods (C856).

Before you arrive

Read through your course pre-arrival email and the Get ready pages for any information you may need before arriving in your first week.

You will not have to sign up for course units until the week commencing Monday, 28 September 2020.

You should also not try to complete the IT signup until you have received an email from us to do so, as this could cause an issue with your university record.

University Welcome and Induction Week (21 to 25 September 2020)

In the first week of your Welcome and Induction programme, the emphasis will be on study skills and our unique Stellify programme.

See Get ready for further information.

Degree Induction Week (28 September to 2 October 2020)

This is the first week of events that relate to your course. There are lots of important talks and events that you will need to attend online.

Sessions are scheduled to be hosted at the following dates and times:

  • Monday 28 September (10am-12pm) - BA Social Sciences (BASS) Welcome meeting
  • Monday 28 September (4pm) - Peer mentor activity (tbc)
  • Tuesday 29 September (12pm) - Meet your academic advisor
  • Wednesday 30 September (10am-12pm) - Course unit selection Zoom drop-in
  • Thursday 1 October (4-6pm) - BASS social

For more information, download your full Welcome timetable or visit Blackboard.

You should also frequently check your University email address for the latest information and Zoom links.

Support and advice

If have you any questions before you arrive, please email philippa.wilson@manchester.ac.uk.

After you arrive, you can use the contacts given in your pre-arrival email for support during your studies at Manchester.