Welcome messages

Our senior staff and department colleagues welcome you to The University of Manchester and outline what to expect in the year ahead.


    Dr Ross Jones, First Year Advisor, Geography

    Congratulations on your exam results – the hard work has paid off! I’m Ross, First Year Advisor in the Department of Geography here at The University of Manchester. I’ll be overseeing your induction into the department, therefore expect to hear a lot from me in the coming weeks.

    I hope you’re looking forward to joining us in the department. Along with your Academic Advisor (Tutor) and the rest of the Geography team, I’m here to support you as you settle into university life in the great city of Manchester.

    I began working as a lecturer in the department five years ago, however, many years before that I was in the same position as you, about to embark on a degree in our department. I am still to this day incredibly grateful for the opportunity I received to study at UoM – to broaden my mind, understand diverse ways of thinking, and to develop my listening, reading and writing skills. Expect all this and more – not least the chance to make some life-long friends.

    As induction approaches, you will find lots of useful information here to help you prepare for the start of your studies. On behalf of myself and the whole team, we look forward to welcoming you in September!

    Prof James Evans, Head of Geography

    Many congratulations on your exam results. We are pleased to confirm your place on our course and welcome you to The University of Manchester. Twenty-five years ago I was in your shoes and remember embarking on the important new journey that is life as a university student. I know from experience that the journey will have a formative effect on you, both academically and personally.

    Our 40 lecturers and professors are looking forward to meeting you all. We very much hope you will enjoy your time studying Geography and living in the city of Manchester. You will probably have lots of questions to ask and we hope that the information provided here will answer as many of these as possible. In addition, there is lots of information on our webpages.

    While this is no ordinary year, please be assured you will receive as warm a welcome as usual. We are working hard to make sure that we can deliver our usual excellent standards of teaching in a supportive and safe way. During Welcome Week, there will be a programme of events that will take you through the process of registration. There will also be introductory talks to help you prepare for studying at University.

    As you join us, you become part of a long tradition of students who have studied at Manchester. Geography at Manchester has a proud history of teaching and research going back more than 120 years. We are fortunate to be situated within one of the nation's most interesting regions with regard to its landscape, industry, heritage and cultural vibrancy.

    The modern city has added to this international reputation in the spheres of sport, music, festivals and much else besides. Such a richness of landscape, history and arts cannot but inspire the geographical imagination of those who come to study here.

    We hope that you will find your time as a Manchester University geographer as life-changing as the thousands of alumni who have gone before you. May I take this opportunity to wish you the very best for your forthcoming studies. I look forward to meeting you all personally in the coming months.