Welcome messages

Our senior staff and department colleagues welcome you to The University of Manchester and outline what to expect in the year ahead.


    Dr Laura Black, Director of Postgraduate Research, School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED)

    I am delighted to welcome you to the postgraduate research community at The University of Manchester’s School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED).

    Whilst we are now living through some exceptionally challenging times, it is clear that the need for high-quality academic research has become more salient than ever.

    Your development as a doctoral researcher is key to living in the ‘new normal’ since it is you who will become future leaders in your relevant disciplines and professions and your work will be central to the way we learn to live in this new world. 

    SEED is home to more than 300 postgraduate research students across five related disciplines: Architecture, Education, Geography, International Development, and Planning. This presents opportunities for inter-disciplinary learning and collaboration as we engage in our shared objective to deepen our understanding of the world we live and change it for the better.   We examine the uneven relationships between societies, economies and the environment, acknowledging that a complex and interconnected world presents many challenges for researchers and policy analysts at local, national and international levels.

    Researchers in SEED are pioneering new concepts, theories and measures in order to better understand and address the challenges facing global societies. SEED’s high-quality research is rooted in the places and spaces of everyday life, yet remains international in relevance and scope, empirically addressing social, economic and environmental concerns across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and the United States.

    In joining SEED, you have become part of a successful, energetic, committed, and supportive academic and postgraduate community.

    Our PhD and professional doctorate research communities, grouped around a range of research centres and themes, are a central, dynamic part of the SEED research agenda across all of our disciplines. Postgraduate research for a PhD, or a professional doctorate degree, is a unique opportunity to engage in an intellectual enquiry, which will be absorbing and fascinating and at the same time practically challenging and demanding. You will need to be focused and organised, but the achievement will be worthwhile.

    Your academic and professional support colleagues in SEED greatly look forward to sharing and assisting you on your journey.

    I hope that your time with us is enjoyable and stimulating, as well as very productive.

    0161 275 5964