Peer mentoring scheme

Our peer mentoring scheme sees some of our Year 4 students support our Year 3 students as they transition into their clinical education years.

Undergraduate Medicine MB ChB Clinical Education Years Peer Mentors have recently experienced Year 3 and are based in the same clinical education campus as the Year 3 students they are mentoring.

They usually work in pairs and are assigned a small group of Year 3 students to mentor who are either existing Manchester-based or new Direct Entry students.

How it works

During induction week for the MB ChB programme, you will have the opportunity to meet your Year 4 Peer Mentors, who are here to support you through the transition into your clinical education years and beyond.

Your Peer Mentors will set up a contact group where you can easily ask them questions such as:

  • What is the best way to travel to the hospital and placements?
  • How do you organise being on the wards and studying?

At the beginning of September, you will be able to see the contact details of your Peer Mentors on the University 1MedBuzz system, which can be accessed via the internet on your iPad.

How peer mentors can help

Peer Mentors have been trained by the University to help you using their previous experience.

They will have gained lots of advice and helpful tips during their Year 3 journey, which could help and support you. They can also signpost you to the relevant teams at the clinical education campus and within the university, using their knowledge of useful contacts.

They will contact you throughout the year at various times, as they have been in your situation and will understand how you are feeling. Peer Mentors can pass on tips by communicating what helped them and suggest helpful resources they have found useful, especially online.

They have also submitted articles full of advice and supportive information and these are included within the Welcome Guides, which can be accessed via the links in the next section. Previous St Andrews, Dentists and IMU students have contributed to personal articles that have been written to support you.

Welcome Guides

Peer Mentors can help answer your questions about your clinical education campus and speak about their previous experiences of Year 3. However, many of the answers to frequently asked questions and top tips can be found in the Welcome Guides below.

These guides are updated and published each April into eBooks and can be accessed via a link. There are four guides, one for each of the clinical education campuses. Guides for 2021 will be available later in the year.

How to become a Peer Mentor

You will be given the opportunity to train to be a Peer Mentor yourself for the following year group. The training sessions take place in November/December either online, at the University and on your clinical education campuses.

While undertaking this role, you will further gain transferable skills such as organisational, leadership and networking skills. The recruitment information will be advertised as an opportunity on the 1MedBuzz system.

Read what previous mentees have said about the role:

  • "The Peer Mentors made such a positive difference to our transition and settling into Year 3."
  • "I really like peer mentoring schemes, as I think they're a great way to be in contact with older years who have been through it all."
  • "This year I was able to truly value the support of my peer mentors, especially when it came to asking questions."
  • "Having personally experienced great peer mentors, I understand how much of an impact they can have on student experience."
  • "The helpful support and guidance that has been given so far has truly inspired me."