SOCS10031: Dignity and Responsibility in Student Life

For many of you who are coming to university straight from school, and/or will be living away from home for the first time, you will experience a whole new level of freedom – whether it’s how hard you work or whether you hand your assignments in on time, or who you hang out with, where you go and how late you get back.

But extra freedom brings extra responsibility: we all need to make sure that we are treating each other with respect, both at study and when we’re out socialising with our friends.

And you need to know where and how to get help if things go wrong.

This course unit provides some basic information and advice on sexual consent and introduces you to some of the University’s policies, procedures and sources of advice surrounding such matters as bullying and harassment.

The course unit is compulsory for all first-year School of Social Sciences (SoSS) students, but it is not assessed. You should complete it within one month.

The course unit has two elements; more information will be available on Blackboard – the place where you will find online resources for all your course units – once you have arrived at Manchester and registered.

Sexual consent workshops

These will take place on Monday 28 September and Wednesday 30 September; you will be automatically assigned to a specific workshop, which will appear on your online timetable.

The workshops will be run by professional facilitators from Talkabout: Emma, Ed, Becky and Chelsea.

Online resources and quizzes

The online element (which you will access through Blackboard), will cover various areas, including bystander training, the University's Dignity at Work and Study policy, and reporting harassment.

Who do I contact if I have a query? 

Please email Philippa Wilson at