Finance and funding

Its important to plan your finances and find out where you can get help and support.

We're here to help, from how to pay your tuition fees to setting up a student bank account.

If you're worried about money or need more information or support we have a comprehensive set of finance resources you can use.

We’ve also put together advice on budgeting and cost of living in Manchester to help you prepare.

Finance support packages

By now you will hopefully be aware of the financial support packages we have in place to help eligible students. There is no application process for the bursaries that you may be eligible for; so long as you completed your Student Finance Support application by 26 May funding will be guaranteed to be in place at the start of term.

If you didn’t manage to get your application in by this deadline please do so as soon as possible, while it can’t be guaranteed funding will be in place by September, the sooner you complete the application the better.