Pay your fees

Paying tuition fees, either yourself or on behalf of someone else, is easy and straightforward.

There are a number of ways to pay your tuition fees online – including credit/debit card, bank transfer and GlobalPay for international students. For more information please go to our making a payment information.

You must pay the total amount of your tuition fees during or prior to online registration at the University, or on an agreed plan in three equal payments throughout the academic year.

If you have a student loan, or have received a bursary or award, or if you are funded by an external sponsor, you will either pay a contribution towards your tuition fees, or nothing at all. 

When can I pay my fees?

Whatever your situation, you can pay tuition fees online (if you have an amount to pay) and you can opt to do this before you arrive or during registration. You will be notified when the online registration process is open.

How can I do it?

If you’re self-financing

You, your parents or guardian can pay your tuition fees online by credit/debit card, bank transfer and GlobalPay for international students. The University accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Maestro card.

You can find out more with our making a payment information

If you’ve taken out a student loan


If you've applied for a tuition-fee loan then this will be covered by Student Finance England, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland and the details should be shown in step ten of the registration process (this information will be available to you after results day on 10 August).

If you’re unable to complete step ten of registration and are receiving funding from Student Finance, please email a copy of the page entitled 'University or College Payment Advice' to:


Please follow the steps below if you're intending to pay your tuition fees using a postgraduate loan: 

  1. Log in to My Manchester and complete registration up until step ten – ‘payment of tuition fees'.
  2. Submit your UK account details online on the 'Set up Direct Debits and other banking preferences' page.
  3. Email to confirm that you've completed steps 1-9 of registration and added your bank details. When emailing, please include the phrase 'PG Loan' and your student ID in the subject line. The University will then update your record and complete your registration on your behalf. The bank details you've provided will be used to collect your tuition fees by Direct Debit in three instalments on the following dates: 19 November 2021, 4 February 2022 and 6 May 2022.
  4. The University will confirm your registration to the Student Loans Company (SLC), who will release the first instalment of your postgraduate loan directly to you within five working days, and ahead of the first Direct Debit instalment, due on 19 November 2021. The second and third instalments of your postgraduate loan will be released directly to you by the Student Loan Company to coincide with the Direct Debit for your remaining tuition fees on 4 February 2022 and 6 May 2022.

If you're funded by an external sponsor

External sponsorship

If you’re a new student, and you’re being sponsored by an external organisation (such as a charity, commercial organisation or embassy), you’ll need to upload a copy of your sponsorship document in My Manchester in advance of your registration date. Returning students will need to send a copy of their sponsorship letter to

Sponsor letter requirements 

For further information regarding what information the sponsor letter should contain please go to Student Services. Please ask your sponsor to complete the template with confirmation of their sponsorship and send a PDF to:

Please submit your sponsor letter as soon as possible, ideally in advance of your registration date, to ensure that the information has been updated and applied to your account  enabling you to complete financial registration online. If you're unable to submit your letter in advance then you'll need to pay the first instalment of your tuition fees at registration, or complete a Direct Debit mandate.  

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has additional requirements, if you’re applying for a Student Visa and you must also meet the financial requirements of the UKVI.

Once you've paid your fees, registration is now complete!

All you need to do now is collect your student card once you arrive on campus.