Pay your fees

Paying tuition fees, either yourself or on behalf of someone else, is easy and straightforward.

You must pay the total amount of your tuition fees during or prior to your online registration at the University. Alternatively, you can make three equal payments throughout the academic year.

If you have a student loan, or have received a bursary or award, or if you are funded by an external sponsor, you will either pay a contribution towards your tuition fees, or nothing at all. 

You should only use approved methods to pay your fees to The University of Manchester. Do not accept offers from individuals to pay fees on your behalf at a discounted rate, as these can be fraudulent.

If you have any questions or are concerned you have been the victim of this type of fraud, please contact the University's Student Services Centre.

If you're looking for more detailed guidance on paying in your home currency or online, visit our making a payment information page.

When can I pay my fees?

Whatever your situation, you can pay tuition fees online (if you have an amount to pay) and you can opt to do this before you arrive or during registration. You will be notified when the online registration process is open.

How can I do it?