Payments and awards

If you’re expecting a payment or other awards from the University, you’ll need to add your bank details to My Manchester.

What do I need?

UK bank account details

How do I do it?

  • Add your UK bank account details – you can do this online as soon as you’ve activated your IT account.
  • Follow this link to complete your registration online. 
  • Click on the tile for 'Student Centre'.
  • Click on the compass pointer in the top right hand corner and select 'Menu' in the toolbar, followed by 'Self Service' and then 'Campus Finances'. 
  • Select 'View Financial Aid'. This page shows your awards for the current academic year.
  • Click the white 'Bank Details' button and enter your UK bank details. Once you have entered these details, click 'save'. If you have already saved your bank details, the button will not be visible.