Teaching and learning

At The University of Manchester, you're joining a dynamic and inclusive community of learners.

Among our core goals is to actively link what we teach with world-class research that helps to tackle the world’s biggest questions. We offer our students lots of ways to access our expert staff, sector-leading support and innovative practice. 

Every course has its own unique blend of activities, so we can offer you a great learning experience with choice and flexibility. Find out more about how you'll learn during your time with us, and how we'll support your studies.

How will you learn?

  • Much of your time will be spent on campus, working with teaching staff and your peers in seminars, labs and lectures. You will also have continuous online access to content and materials to enhance and support your learning.
  • Much of your learning will take place in real-time (or synchronously), where you will be interacting with teaching staff and other students either in a room on campus or in a virtual room online. At other times you will be working through materials at your own pace (or asynchronously), following a framework provided by your programme and supported by appropriate tools for learning.
  • This blended approach allows you to engage with some of your learning at a time and place that works best for you. The exact mix of activities and how they will be delivered (on-campus or online) will depend on what works for each subject area – you will receive further information about what your course will look like from your local programme team.

Can you study remotely?

Most of our courses can only be studied on campus. If your chosen course does not include a distance learning option, you must be available to attend activities on campus throughout your studies.

We understand that some students may face difficulty travelling from their home country. In these circumstances, we will support students to find an alternative option, but remote study will not be possible.

Support for your learning

  • Our Library offers training and support for a number of skills you will need to succeed at university – from researching a topic to writing up an assessment, or understanding referencing or copyright.
  • Your Academic Adviser is assigned to you by your School/Programme at the start of the year. They can give advice about any academic issues you experience during your course and help you tackle practical issues such as course unit registration, exam preparation and time management, as well as offering pastoral care.
  • Peer support gives you the opportunity to build on your existing knowledge in an informal and supportive environment with fellow students. Here you can compare notes, analyse, criticise, ask questions and talk through ideas.
  • The Disability Advisory and Support Service can provide additional support if you have needs arising from a medical condition, a physical or sensory disability, a specific learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, or a mental health condition that affects your study.
  • We offer a range of Student Support services, including mental health and wellbeing support, our Counselling Servicephysical health support and financial support, if personal problems are affecting your studies or other areas of your life.

Accessing online study resources

The University uses a variety of platforms, including Blackboard and Microsoft Teams, to provide the online resources needed to support your learning.

If you need further guidance on how to access materials, our student support – accessing online study resources can help.

Developing your digital skills

Throughout your time at University, you will be supported to develop the digital skills and confidence needed for your studies and career.

In this video, our flexible learning student partners and graduate intern explain how the Jisc Discovery tool can help you understand and further develop your digital capabilities.

It only takes 10 minutes to start exploring your digital skills using the Discovery tool, which you can access through this My Learning Essentials resource.