Ten steps of registration

Registration opens on the first day of the month you are due to register.

Follow our step-by-step guide to completing registration online. You must complete steps one to nine before paying your tuition fees (step ten). 

Log into My Manchester to complete registration online. You'll need your central username and password which you were given when you activated your IT account.

For the best results, use a PC or laptop, and if you encounter difficulties try using another browser. 

Step one: name and personal details

Check that your name is spelled correctly as this is how it will appear on all University documentation, including your degree certificate.

If your name is incorrect, please contact your School office or the Student Services Centre. You'll need to provide an official document which shows your correct name (usually a passport) for them to make the change.

The Student Services Centre can be contacted by:
Tel: +44 (0)161 549 1182
Email: ssc@manchester.ac.uk

If you have a disability, you're strongly encouraged to let us know as we offer a range of services that can help support your studies. Alternatively, contact our Disability Support Office to discuss the support available.
Website: http://www.dso.manchester.ac.uk/
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 7512 / +44 (0)161 275 8518

If you're joining the University as a care-leaver and would like to request a new student advisory meeting, please contact our adviser for care-leavers.
Tel: +44 (0)161 275 3033

Step two: address details

You must enter your 'permanent home' address and 'term-time' addresses during registration. This is the address where you will live while you are studying. It can be updated by you at any time if it changes.

You can specify a preferred 'mail' address, which we'll use if we need to write to you.

Step three: bursary options (UK undergraduates only)

Bursaries are available for some UK undergraduate students, so you should see this option in your registration form. You must confirm that you have read the terms and conditions of the Manchester Bursary scheme. This is not confirmation that you are eligible for a bursary.

PGCE students won't see this step as it doesn't relate to any Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) Bursaries you may be eligible to receive. If you aren't in receipt of a TDA Bursary, you'll automatically be assessed for the Manchester Bursary without completing this step.

Step four: phone numbers

Please provide any mobile and landline numbers we can use to contact you.

Step five: email addresses

You will automatically be given an email address that ends '@student.manchester.ac.uk' or '@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk'. This is the address we'll use to email you.  

To access your email address:

  • Visit the IT Account Manager website
  • Log in via 'Sign In to IT Account Manager' section
  • Select the 'Account' tab and your email address will feature

Step six: emergency contact details

You must provide details of an emergency contact. This information is needed in case you're involved in a serious incident or an emergency situation where we consider your health, wellbeing or welfare to be at risk.

We hold the information on the University’s student record system, in accordance with the University’s Registered Students Privacy Notice and current UK data protection legislation. 

Step seven: other information (including qualifications)

You will need to indicate the highest qualification you have gained (eg A-Levels or previous undergraduate degree) prior to your starting at the University. A drop down box is provided for you to select the relevant award.

Step eight: programme details

Check that the details regarding your chosen programme are correct.

Please contact your School or Faculty if your programme details are incorrect.

Step nine: declaration and data protection

It's very important that you read and understand the Declaration Statement and tick the box at the end to confirm that you agree to abide by The University's statutes, ordinances, regulations and by-laws, including those which relate to academic malpractice. 

You should read the Data Protection Statement carefully so that you're fully aware of what we'll do with your personal information, and your rights in connection with the Data Protection Act. 

For more information, go to our  Data Protection website where you'll also have access to the privacy notice which relates to registered students of the University 

If you have any concerns about data protection, you can email our Records Management Office

Step ten: paying your tuition fees

To pay your fees, or for any financial queries, you can contact the 'Student Payment and Registration Team' on +44 (0)161 676 1762. Currently operating weekdays 10am to 4pm.