Useful information

Pre-session work for tutorial plenary session: ‘Understanding University Assessments’

Plenary sessions are a key part of the first-year tutorial programme in SBS. They focus on core skills for biological scientists and are delivered by specialists to ensure that all students are given the same important information.

There will be a compulsory tutorial plenary session entitled ‘Understanding University Assessments’ to attend during the week beginning Monday 5th October (Teaching Week 1).

Multiple sessions will be timetabled, and you will need to sign-up for one of these in advance. Further information about session times and how to sign up for your session will be made available shortly.

The first plenary is designed to kick-start your time at University by helping you to understand University Assessments: how to follow assignment briefs and how your work will be marked. To get the most from this plenary, you should complete the pre-session work before Monday October 5th by completing the activities on our Nearpod lesson.

If you are asked for a code to access the Nearpod presentation, then please use RBOWH.

Chemistry revision resource

This chemistry revision resource will help any student who has not recently studied chemistry, or any students who wish to 'brush up' on their chemistry knowledge.

As a biological scientist you will need to understand many concepts of chemistry and chemical reactions - all metabolic reactions, for example, are based on chemical reactions.


HomeStart offers a network of support to students who are not living in University accommodation during the first year of their course.

This includes:

  • living with a partner;
  • living at home;
  • living with parents;
  • mature students.

If this is you, please email with your name and course.

Maths self-help activity

As a biological scientist you will need to be able to collect, measure, analyse, interpret and evaluate data using basic mathematics. You can access a maths self-help resource where you can practice and test your basic mathematical skills.

All students should complete this online resource.