BA Criminology

Welcome for undergraduate students will begin on Monday, 11 September 2023.

Welcome messages from colleagues in the School of Social Sciences


    Welcome timetable 

    Welcome is over two weeks – 11-15 September at the University level, and 18-22 September at the course level.  


    A document version of your timetable can be accessed here:

    You should also frequently check your University email address for the latest information and Zoom links. 

    For any information you may need before arriving in your first week, read through our Get ready  pages. 

    Support and advice 

    There are lots of people on hand to support you throughout your time in Manchester and you will meet many of them in Welcome. 

    These people are part of your support network so if you need help just ask. 

    If you have any queries regarding your course before you arrive, please contact