Peer mentoring

Peer mentoring is a social support network for medical students to help you settle in to studying at Manchester.

Event: Meeting your peer mentors

We understand that starting university can bring questions, so we have arranged for you to speak with your peer mentors during your University Induction and Welcome week.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 23 September, you will have your first meeting with your PBL group and your Year 2 peer mentors.

You will be emailed a link to a Zoom meeting where you will be given some information about peer mentoring. You will then go into a breakout room with your peer mentors.

You MUST sign up to Zoom with your university email address and use your full name on the account set up. See how to set up a Zoom account (PDF).

About peer mentoring

The following guide explains how the peer mentoring scheme works and how the Student Coordinators will support you:

International mentors

Are you an international student or a student joining us from the EU? If you are, please take a look at:

Mature mentors

You may be slightly older than your peers when starting the course; you may have already completed a first degree or taken time out between leaving school and starting at university.

See how our Mature Mentors can help and advise you during your first year studying medicine:

Welcome booklet

Our Student Coordinators for the peer mentoring scheme have collated all of their best advice and have created a helpful Welcome Booklet.

The booklet is in ebook format, so it can be read on your computer or mobile device.

Please note that peer mentoring continues into your clinical education years. You will also be allocated peer mentors in Year 3. Further information will be made available to you towards the end of Year 2.