Student representation

Reps are students elected by their peers to act as representatives on your programme. Reps act as a formal channel of communication between yourself and the teaching and administrative staff.

Feedback from students allows improvement in the quality of the student experience and the development of teaching and learning.

The role of a Rep is therefore extremely important and provides students with a voice to raise problems or concerns and to input into the design and delivery of their degree.

Nominate yourself

You can nominate yourself as a Rep for your year group at the start of each academic year by submitting a brief manifesto. The manifestos are posted online and all students have the opportunity to review these and vote for their year's Reps.

The Reps (typically two-three for each year group) are expected to act as advocates, collecting the views and opinions of students in their year and representing them at the Staff Student Liaison Committee.

Reps may also be invited to attend other important meetings where students' opinions are represented.

Training and support

Training and support for Reps is provided by the University's Student Union, and there is a University-wide award scheme which recognises the work Reps do.

This is a fantastic opportunity to input into your undergraduate programme, gain valuable experience and boost your CV.

More information on how to nominate yourself will be provided in Welcome Week.

Contact us

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