Information for returning Chemistry undergraduate students

Welcome back to a new year. We realise that the circumstances of returning to university this year are a bit different from normal, which is why we have gathered together this information to help you settle back into university life, find out more about how your studies will be conducted, and connect with your lecturers and coursemates.

Your year will start with a "Welcome back" session during the week commencing 1 February. This will be organised by your Department so watch out for an email from them.

In the meantime there are a growing range of "on demand" sessions you can view at your convenience, which cover topics such as wellbeing, and the essentials of learning - good for the current climate and in case you need a refresher after the summer.

Teaching this year

Across The University of Manchester we are working hard to finalise our plans for teaching in 2020-21.

We expect the vast majority of students, both new and returning, to join us in Manchester for the start of the academic year. However, we know that for reasons outside your control, it might be difficult for you to get to campus for the start of Semester 1 this year, for example due to travel restrictions or medical advice. To ensure that no one is excluded or disadvantaged, we’ve already announced that the majority of students will be able to access our ‘Welcome Back’ programme remotely, and then study wholly remotely until they are able to join us a little later in the year.

In the Department of Chemistry, where your course is based, there are some students who will need to be on campus in Semester 1 in order to ensure that we continue to meet the Royal Society of Chemistry’s requirements for course accreditation. We are working hard to ensure that you graduate from Manchester with a degree that is highly sought after by employers and officially recognised by professional bodies.

  • Year 3 students
    Year 3 students on all chemistry courses that are in-house (excluding those in industry or year abroad) take CHEM30620 – Advanced Practical and Group Project, which requires a set of accredited lab hours on campus in Semester 1.
  • Year 3 BSc students and all Year 4 students
    Year 3 students on a BSc course, and all Year 4 students, will also need to be on campus for assessments in January 2021.

We will contact you again to find out more about your plans to re-join us this autumn (see below for more details). Please make sure you tell us if you think you will have any problems returning in September and we will do our very best to accommodate your situation as we plan our on-campus activity. It is unlikely that we will be able to provide these course units remotely to students who are unable to attend campus.

More details about the start of the academic year, including semester dates.

Keeping you safe

Of course, across the whole of our campus we are working hard to keep you (and our staff) safe. There are hand sanitisers available at building and classroom entry points and signs and markings on the floors, stairwells and lifts to help with social distancing. We’re also providing you with two free washable face coverings at the start of semester and there will be a 15-minute timetabling gap between classes, to give you extra time to arrive and leave safely.

To make sure you stay safe in our laboratories, we have cleaning protocols in place and we will be working under social distancing guidance (2m separation), with students placed in groups (or ‘bubbles’) of four people working in the same part of the lab.

Tell us what you are planning so we can ensure you get the very best experience

We are working hard to plan all of our activities in the best possible way. This includes our exciting Welcome Back programme, sports, activities, wellbeing initiatives and, of course, our teaching programme.

To help with this planning, the University will contact you again to ask whether you intend to begin your studies on campus, or begin them remotely and join us on campus as soon as you are able in Semester 1. Please look out for this email.

In the meantime, you can find more information about our plans for welcoming you back to Manchester on our pages for returning students.