Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions we commonly receive.

You can find information relating to COVID-19 on the coronavirus FAQs page.

If you have any queries or concerns about how the programme is responding to coronavirus and how it may affect your studies, please contact us by emailing

I have a disability. Who do I need to inform?

You should register with the University's Disability Advisory and Support Service. They will then liaise with your Course Co-ordinator to ensure that the School provides you with the required support.

Can I take days off during term time?

No. You are expected to be present during all semester dates for the year. Even if on a particular day during term your timetable appears to be light or have few sessions, you must remain available in case additional or rescheduled sessions are added. You can find the full attendance policy in the IFP Handbook, which will be on the key documents page when it is available.

How will the University contact me?

You should check your Manchester student email address daily. It is very important that you do so as this is the main form of communication.

For very urgent or short notice messages we may, on occasion, send a text message to you if you have registered a mobile number with the University.

How do I obtain a lab coat, and will I need one at the start of term?

Foundation Year students will need a lab coat for lab sessions. We will organise a time for you to collect your lab coat and course materials once you arrive in the UK.

It will be your responsibility to look after the lab coat. If you lose your lab coat, you will have to pay for a replacement.

More information on lab coats can be found on the Getting started page.

Are there places of worship near the University?

Yes, there are places of worship around the University. A prayer room is available in the Stopford Building.

If I have a concern, who should I contact?

If you have any concerns regarding the course or any personal matters, you should speak to one of the tutors in the first instance. They will try to offer help and refer you to other services as appropriate.

What do I do if I am ill and have classes?

You should contact Thomas Allanson (Foundation Programme Administrative Assistant) as soon as possible by emailing

If you will be missing an EBL, please also email your tutor. You may be asked to provide a fit note from your doctor for longer absences.

What do I need to do about IELTS?

If you have already met the required level for entry to the undergraduate programme (an average score of 7 with no less than 6.5 in any component), you should supply a copy of your certificate to the programme administrator to confirm this.

When do I need to complete my UCAS application?

The deadline for UCAS applications is 15 January 2021. You MUST submit your completed application by this date to apply for either Medicine or Dentistry.

We'll run guidance sessions when you arrive. General information can be found on the Completing your UCAS application page.

When will my interview be?

Your interview will take place in April or May. You will be informed of the exact date of your interview by the Admissions team.

Support will be given from course tutors to help you to prepare for your interview and to understand what to expect on the day.

Am I expected to attend all of the sessions on my timetable?

All sessions are compulsory unless explicitly stated as optional, including English lessons.

Attendance will be taken for every session, and you may be marked absent if you arrive late for any session. You should therefore make every effort to arrive at least five minutes before the start of each class.

Any students who fall below the expected level will be invited to discuss their attendance with a tutor and unsatisfactory attendance may lead to expulsion from the course.