Completing your UCAS application

All students on the International Foundation Programme need to apply for their undergraduate programme of choice (Medicine or Dentistry) via the UCAS system.

This is a two-step process.

Step 1: Completing the UCAS application

The deadline for entry to the full Medicine and Dentistry programmes in September 2021 is Friday 15 January 2021. Your form must be completed (including your references and personal statement) and submitted by 6pm on this date.

As a high volume of students will be submitting for that deadline, we advise that you aim to submit at the beginning of the week.

Filling in the form

When you begin your UCAS application, it will ask whether you are applying as an individual or through a college. You should select as an individual.

You must ensure that the name you enter on the application form matches the name on your passport, visa and qualification certificates.

Details on how to complete the education section of the form are in this document: Guidance for completing the education section of the UCAS form (PDF). If your school does not appear on the UCAS search function, you can manually enter the name.

More guidance can be found on the UCAS website: Filling in your UCAS undergraduate application.

The University also offers guidance specific to Medicine and Dentistry on the following webpages:


We recommend that you ask teachers from your previous school or college to be your reference. The references need to be completed before you can submit the form, so make sure they are aware of the deadline and are able to complete it in plenty of time.

Personal statement

You need to complete a personal statement as part of your application. When composing this, bear in mind the qualities of a doctor/dentist and the selection criteria of the course you are applying to. Provide solid examples of when you have displayed key attributes.

Step 2: Non-Academic Information Form

Once you have completed your online UCAS submission, you will receive a Non-Academic Information Form (NAIF) to complete. You will be sent instructions for how to return the completed form by 31 January 2021.

The NAIF and instructions will be sent to the email address you have registered with UCAS.

To be guaranteed an interview at Manchester, you must complete and submit both the UCAS and NAIF forms by the required submission dates. Your application will not be considered without them.

Support will be given to help you write this when you start the International Foundation Programme in January.

The University also offers guidance specific to Medicine and Dentistry on the following webpages:


The contents of the NAIF will be discussed at interview. You will be informed of the exact date of your interview by the Admissions team, but they will likely take place in April or May.

Support will be given to help you to prepare for your interview and to understand what to expect on the day.

If you have any questions about completing the form, please come along to one of our drop-in sessions when you arrive, or get in touch with us using the details below.

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