How your course will be delivered

We understand that you may have questions about how your course will be delivered. We've summarised the main points below.

Key points

Pharmacy (Year 1)

  • All of your enquiry based learning sessions, core concept lectures, professional skills classes, academic advisor meetings and laboratory sessions will be delivered on campus.
  • Staff will be available for question and answer sessions.
  • Peer (student) support for practical approaches to support study and orientation and transition in Year 1 will be available to all of our learners.
  • Your hospital and community pharmacy placements will be delivered in person. Your first hospital placement will be in Semester 1, and you will spend time in a community pharmacy in Semester 2. 
  • All of our learners will be assigned a member of staff to support them through the MPharm (academic advisor). You will meet officially (face to face, with your group of six) three times in Semester 1, and additionally by appointment if you need to. Advisors are here to offer you learning, wellbeing and visa support, and to promote academic resilience.